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Social Services

Youth and Child Care Service


The Day Creche, Children & Youth Centre, Small Group Home (SGH) & Foster Care (FC) Services, School Social Work & Support Services, Integrated Community Development Centre and Social Work Service for Pre-primary Institutions are the 9 service units of the Youth and Child Care Services. With the belief of ‘early intervention’ and ‘youth & child-centered’, we continue to serve infants, children, youth, parents, community people, etc. with various services in order to assist them in developing their potentials, pursing self-perfection, enhancing family function and caring community. 



Service on Helping Poor Families and Their Young Children

Low-income and deprived families easily overlook different developmental needs of their infants due to their unfavorable financial condition. However, it helps lay a foundation for the children to adjust well at school or work if they are well-taken care of at their infant’s stage. With the ideas of “early intervention”, healthy growth of infants and having the equal opportunity as the infants of better-off families, we provide services to the low-income and deprived families to arouse their awareness to the importance of comprehensive care to their infants



Career Planning Services for Students

 “C.V Project (Career & Virture)” was implemented for F.3 to F.6 students in the provision of a one-stop service with contents including self-understanding, interviewing skills, industry introduction with visits and finally an experiencing job placement (or internship). Yan Chai Hospital is an institution which provides the students with different kinds of experiencing job placements. Through attachment to our affiliated units of care & attention home, centre for the elderly, sheltered workshop, kindergarten, child care centre or Chinese medicine clinic, the participating students are not confined to knowing the career world cognitively, but the practical experience will facilitate them clear direction on their future career. 


Home Visit

 Programme on Promoting Family Volunteers

Through learning and involvement in family volunteering, family can strengthen their interactive communication, mutual support and closer relationship. Apart from strengthening family, cohesiveness and positive energy, services can also be provided for the needy people in the society.

Support for Special Educational Needs (SEN) student services

Yan Chai Hospital Youth and child Care Service has always been committed to supporting the services of students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) to help them grow up happily. In order to let the public pay attention to the needs of SEN students, a special short film was filmed with the theme" Take a step Closer and feel Them ", We hope that people from all walks of life will join hands with us to support SEN students."


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