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Medical Services

Review and Prospects

Improving services quality

2021-22 was a year fraught with challenges. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic brought about unprecedented burden to the public healthcare services. While facing the challenging year, our hospital staff at all levels had always upheld their professionalism and demonstrated great team spirit under tremendous pressure and volatile situations to take care of our patients and community. While fighting the epidemic, the Hospital had also adopted various initiatives during the year to improve the healthcare services.


  • Establishment of Cardiac Intervention Centre Cum Coronary Care Unit

With the generous donation of $35 million by Ms. LAW Kar-Shui, Elizabeth, Honorary Doctor (Social Science), MH, Advisory Board Member and funding from the Government and HA, YCH has established a Cardiac Intervention Centre on the 3rd floor of Block B and expanded the service of the coronary care to cope with the service demand in the community and to dovetail the HA Strategic plan to provide Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention to patients suffering from acute myocardial infarction.


A new centre named “Law Kar Shui Cardiac Intervention Centre cum Coronary Care Unit” commenced operation by the end of February 2022. The Centre has been equipped with different kinds of advanced radiation diagnostic machine, coronary artery intravascular imaging modalities and other related equipment catering for various cardiac interventions, including Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty and Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices Implantation. In addition, the relocated Coronary Care Unit has 8 beds serving patients who need cardiac care.


  • Relocation of Special Diagnostic Centre

To cope with the establishment of Cardiac Intervention Centre Cum Coronary Care Unit at 3rd floor of Block B, the Special Diagnostic Centre (SDC) had been relocated from the 3rd floor of the Block B to the 5th floor of Block C. Minor renovation works were conducted during the relocation which the environment, facilities as well as the patient flow of the new SDC had been improved.


  • Reorganization of Paediatrics Services in YCH

According to the Cluster Services Plan for Kowloon West Cluster, YCH will develop a new model of paediatric care which focuses on ambulatory services. A paediatric day ward will be established in 2022 to provide ambulatory paediatric day care services. Paediatric admissions from Accident & Emergency Department (AED) during night time will be diverted to Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) directly. Under this arrangement, 20 paediatric beds of YCH will be translocated to PMH. The Paediatric Day Ward with 15 day beds will commence service upon the completion of ward renovation at 1st to 2nd quarter of 2022.


  • Enhancement of Wellness Clinic for Breast Disease cum Endocrine Surgery

To provide better healthcare services for patients, digital mammography, prone table and an advanced ultrasound equipment were procured for Bess Tsin Man Kuen Wellness Clinic for Breast Disease cum Endocrine Surgery in 2021. The newly installed equipment not only could enhance greater precision and comfortableness of breast surgery, but also could provide better identification and enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. Furthermore, the clinic also conducted the renovation works which had been completed in April 2021 to provide better environment for patients.


  • Renovation for wards

Renovation and improvement works are underway in phases for acute wards to facilitate better space utilization and to provide better environment for patients. Works for Medical Ward 14S had been completed in October 2021 while the works for Medical Ward in 14N is now underway. In addition, refurbishment works for AED had been completed in November 2021 for the improvement of the doctors’ station and nursing station as well as the clinic area.


  • Other Refurbishment in Hospital

A number of refurbishment projects have been carried out in the hospital to improve the environment and facilities including the renovation of lift lobby and external wall refurbishment.


  • Improvement of healthcare facilities

The Hospital received donation from charitable organization for the replacement of medical equipment to enhance the service quality of patient care. The Hospital received a donation of HK$240,000 from “The Board of Management of The Chinese Permanent Cemeteries” for replacement of Defibrillator/ Pacemakers which would enhance the quality of care and effectiveness of treatment for critically ill patients in emergency situation at the Accident & Emergency Department.

Care for Community Health

As a community hospital, Yan Chai not only delivers quality inpatient services, but also reaches out to community residents. Several health educational programmes had been launched by different clinical teams during the year. The Department of Medicine organized activities for “Stroke Week” and the Department of Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine organized a 6-month weight management competition program. In addition, Health Resource Centre and the Medical Social Services Department organized festive wards visits. During Lantern Festival, Easter and Mid-Autumn Festival, gifts and blessing were delivered to patients at wards. Also, Health Resource Centre had organized Health Promotion Booth to enhance public’s understanding on anti-epidemic fatigue and stress relieving methods.

Recognizing contribution of staff

Hospital staff has always been the pillar of our healthcare services. We take pride in and value the commitment and dedication of every member of the Yan Chai Hospital who constantly delivers quality health care services to the public with passion and professionalism. This year, a total of 12 staff members (2 of them are Young Achievers) and 3 teams were selected as 2021/2022 Yan Chai Hospital Outstanding Staff and Outstanding Teams. The awards were given in recognition of the professionalism and dedication of colleagues and their continuous efforts to improve hospital services. Besides, in 2020/2021, one of the YCH Outstanding awardees, Dr Thomas Dao, Associate Consultant of KWC Family Medicine & Primary Health Care Services and Mr. Fong-hei HO, Advanced Practice Nurse of Accident & Emergency Department were also awarded the “Hospital Authority Outstanding Staff 2021” and the “Hospital Authority Merit Young Achiever 2021” respectively.


In addition, the Hospital is committed to implement good environmental practices to minimize the adverse impact on the environment through energy conservation, energy consumption reduction and pollution mitigation. Last year, YCH along with other hospitals under Kowloon West Cluster (KWC) was awarded the Gold Award in the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence 2020, commending YCH’s adoption of an Energy Management Database System (EMDS) designed to monitor and analyze utility consumption. The system could track irregularities and propose mitigating measures. On the other hand, YCH was one of the ten public hospitals that participated in the Retro-commissioning (RCx) project with Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) as consultant in identifying Energy Saving Opportunities (ESO) for enhancing energy efficiency in building services installations at Block C.