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Medical Services

Review and Prospects

Combating the Epidemic with Concerted Efforts

The COVID-19 epidemic continued to wreak havoc over the year, the public healthcare system were hard hit by the fifth wave of the epidemic and had faced the toughest test in the fight against the epidemic in the past two years. Despite the daunting challenges, our hospital staff at all levels have been upholding professionalism, forging ahead to tackle the epidemic collectively and take care of our patients and the community.


During the upsurge of the epidemic, the Hospital had taken swift response and implemented various measures to dovetail with the HA’s strategy in fighting against the pandemic, which included adjusting the non-emergency hospital services significantly for centralizing resources to treat patients in critical condition and with urgent medical needs; designating the existing isolation ward as the first-tier isolation ward to admit and provide treatment for the confirmed COVID-19 patients while the suspected cases were admitted to the surveillance ward. With increasing number of confirmed patients, more general wards were swiftly converted into wards with isolation facilities to augment hospital capacity, thereby relieving the enormous service pressure on Accident & Emergency Department and Medical Department. Apart from serving the patients in the hospital and safeguarding the community, some colleagues of the hospital had also provided support in the quarantine center, joining hands together for combating the epidemic. The Hospital would like to express heartfelt gratitude to the community partners for recognizing health care workers’ dedication.


Improving services quality

While fighting the epidemic, the Hospital had also adopted various initiatives during the year to improve the healthcare services:


  • Opening of Paediatrics and Adolescent Day Ward

Paediatrics and Adolescent Day Ward located at 7/F of Block B has been put into service on 1 August 2022, which signifies a new era of the paediatric service with a more children friendly ambulatory mode. The Paediatrics team will continue to work with the Kowloon West Cluster to enhance the quality of clinical services.


Under the Cluster Services Plan for Kowloon West Cluster, the Paediatrics and Adolescent Day Ward focuses on ambulatory services providing clinical admissions during day time for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. Paediatric admissions in the evening from Accident & Emergency Department will be diverted to Princess Margaret Hospital directly.

The Paediatrics and Adolescent Day Ward was designed with various cartoon-themed cubicles and has two individual side rooms with negative pressure facilities, providing a total of 15 day beds. 

  • Establishment of Medical Ambulatory Care Centre

The hospital has always been committed to providing patient-oriented services and exploring various measures to optimize services, enabling patients to receive appropriate and effective medical services at the most suitable setting according to their needs. The Hospital has set up a Medical Ambulatory Care Centre at 5/F of Block C to provide a one-stop service for medical patients with designated medical conditions and needs, such as blood transfusions, antibiotic injection, tissue sampling, etc. Its one-stop ambulatory healthcare services facilitate prompt access to diagnostic investigation and fast-track therapeutic intervention, improving overall patient management in a timely manner.


The Medical Ambulatory Care Centre has been put into service on 14 November 2022. The Centre is equipped with 24 day beds/reclining chairs that provides patients with a comparatively tranquil and restful environment. After receiving medical services, patients can be discharged on the same day which would reduce avoidable admission and the potential risks associated with hospitalization. 


  • Leveraging smart healthcare to enhance services

Smart Hospital is a key strategy of HA for the sustainable development of hospitals. The Hospital has been promoting the application of smart technologies, including electronic vital signs system, electronic bed panel, smart robotic assistant, cleansing robot, smart blood taking scheduling kiosk and electronic payment & registration, in different service units to support clinical/frontline works and enhance service effectiveness.

  • Renovation for wards

Renovation and improvement works are underway in phases for acute wards to facilitate better space utilization and to provide better environment for patients. Works for Medical Ward 13S had been completed and re-opened on 18 January 2023 while the works for Surgical Ward in 12S and Emergency Medicine Ward in 11S will be commenced in the pipeline. 

  • Improvement of healthcare facilities

The Hospital received various donations from donors and charitable organizations for the replacement of medical equipment to enhance the service quality of patient care. The Hospital received a donation of HK$499,000 from “The Sir Robert Ho Tung Charitable Fund” for procurement of a colour doppler ultrasound scanner which would enhance the quality of care for patients and effectiveness of diagnostic procedures for patients at the Accident & Emergency Department.

Care for Community Health

As a community hospital, Yan Chai Hospital not only delivers quality inpatient services, but also reaches out to community residents. Several health educational programmes had been launched by different clinical teams during the year. The Department of Medicine organised activities for “Stroke Week” and the Department of Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine organised "Paediatric Diabetes Mellitus Fun Day". In addition, Health Resource Centre and the Medical Social Services Department organized festive ward visits during Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival to convey blessing with warm gifts to in-patients. Also, Health Resource Centre had organised volunteer service to provide support services for departments and patients.


Recognizing contribution of staff

Hospital staff has always been the pillar of our healthcare services. We take pride in and value the commitment and dedication of every member of the Yan Chai Hospital who constantly delivers quality health care services to the public with passion and professionalism. This year, a total of 13 staff members (2 of them are Young Achievers) and 6 teams were selected as 2022/2023 Yan Chai Hospital Outstanding Staff and Outstanding Teams. The awards were given in recognition of the professionalism and dedication of colleagues and their continuous efforts to improve hospital services. Besides, in 2021/2022, two of the YCH Outstanding awardees, Mr Francis NG, Physiotherapist I of Physiotherapy Department and Ms. Jamie CHENG, Clinical Psychologist of Clinical Psychology were also awarded the “2022 HA Merit Staff” and the “2022 HA Young Achievers(Merit)” respectively.


In addition, the Hospital is committed to implement good environmental practices to minimize the adverse impact on the environment through energy conservation, energy consumption reduction and pollution mitigation. Last year, YCH carried out several works projects to improve energy-saving of the buildings and two of which have been successfully applied for subsidies under the CLP Eco-building Fund. This fund encourages its users to enhance energy efficiency of their buildings through improvement works by providing subsidies to eligible projects. On the other hand, YCH commissioned a consulting firm to conduct Carbon Audit for 2021-22 in order to measure and record carbon emission of the Hospital throughout the year. It is reported that the Total Carbon Reduction of YCH met the requirement set by Hong Kong Green Organization Certification.