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Medical Services

Review and Prospects

Service Highlight & Looking Ahead

The past year landmarked our endeavours on several fronts though with some challenges. We had made significant progress towards the achievement in improving medical service quality, enhancing health care to patients as well as promoting health education to public with the support from Hospital Authority (HA), Yan Chai Hospital Board (YCH Board), Tsuen Wan District Council and the local parties in community.

Expand and strengthen services

To cope with aging population and service demand in the community, YCH has constantly endeavored to expand its service scope and strengthen the service capacity by implementing a series of initiatives and project plans.


  • Establishment of Endoscopy Centre

With the generous donation of $18 million by Mr. CHOW Ho-yuen, the son of Ms. LAW Kar-shui, Elizabeth, Honorary Doctor (Social Science), MH, Advisory Board Member for procuring advanced endoscopic equipment and state-of-the-art facilities, together with the support and funding from the Government and HA, YCH could expand and elevate the service quality and capacity of the exiting endoscopy service so as to cope with the service demand in the community as well as dovetail the Government policy to promote the prevention of colorectal cancer. A new endoscopy centre, named "Chow Ho Yuen Endoscopy Centre", was established and officially opened on 5 December 2016. The Centre provides four endoscopy rooms, one of which is equipped with advanced radiation diagnostic equipment. In addition, designated zone with high standard disinfection machines is set up for cleaning, reprocessing and sterilization of endoscopic equipment, providing for patients with more accurate, safe and effective medical services.

內視鏡中心1 內視鏡中心2
內視鏡中心3 內視鏡中心

An opening ceremony for the "Chow Ho Yuen Endoscopy Centre" was held on 5 December 2016. Dr. KO Wing-man, BBS, JP, Secretary for Food and Health, expressed heartfelt gratitude to Mr. CHOW Ho-yuen, the son of Ms. LAW Kar-shui, Elizabeth, Honorary Doctor(Social Science), MH, Advisory Board Member during the opening ceremony for the generous donation to the Centre


  • Opening of Geriatric Day Hospital

With continued support and generous donation of $5 million by Ms. SO CHAN Wai-hang, Susan, BBS, Advisory Board Member, So Chan Wai-hang Geriatric Day Rehabilitation Centre originally located at 10/F of Multi-Services Complex had been relocated to a larger area on 7/F of Block C to serve more elderly patients in need. After relocation and expansion, the Centre was renamed as "So Chan Wai-hang Geriatric Day Hospital" and officially opened on 7 February 2017. Not only the rehabilitation equipment and healthcare facilities are upgraded, manpower and service capacity can also be expanded with funding support from the Government and HA. The new and larger service venue also provides a better environment for organizing patient activities such as tai-chi classes and calligraphy classes.

長者日間醫院1 長者日間醫院2
長者日間醫院3 長者日間醫院4












An opening ceremony for the "So Chan Waihang Geriatric Day Hospital" was held on 7 February 2017. Dr. LEUNG Pak-yin, Chief Executive of Hospital Authority, expressed heartfelt gratitude to Mrs. SO CHAN Wai-hang, Susan, BBS, Advisory Board Member during the opening ceremony for her generous donation to the Centre


  • Upgrade the service of Intensive Care Unit

With the generous donation of $35 million by Ms. TSIN Man-kuen, Bess, MH, Advisory Board Member, the Hospital will expand and upgrade the service of Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Advanced medical equipment and modern healthcare facilities will be acquired for further strengthening of ICU services and optimizing treatment outcome. Works for expansion project had already commenced and are expected to be completed by end of 2017.


Upgrade of medical services and facilities

To provide better healthcare services and hospital facilities for patients, various initiatives listed as below were carried out during the year.


  • Provision of Elderly Friendly Facilities in Wards

The three convalescent wards in Multi-Services Complex would be renovated with addition of Elderly Friendly Facilities such as patient hoisting system, large size signage, color zoning and reading area etc. The works at Ward 10E was completed and the works in other two wards would follow.


  • Replacement and improvement of healthcare facilities

The Hospital received various donation supports from donors, charitable funds and medical foundations which help to enhance the quality of patient care services. With generous donation of $2.5 million by Lobo Law Foundation Limited, an aged chocardiograph equipment had been replaced. The new equipment has highspeed scanning and high resolution imaging capabilities which enhance the accuracy of diagnosis and efficiency of the delivery of healthcare services. In addition, with generous donation of $100 thousand from Mrs. YIM TSUI Yuk-shan, Board Vice-chairman, subsidized the acquisition of portable ultrasound scanner for Department of Medicine.


With the donation of $380 thousand from The S. K. Yee Medical Foundation, a set of telemetry patient monitoring system could be acquired for Accident & Emergency Department. Also, donations were received from The Board of Management of The Chinese Permanent Cemeteries, of which $180 thousand is in support of a set of Infant Resuscitator with radiant warming unit for Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine; and $100 thousand for producing of condolence cards as well as organizing workshops on Life and Death Education for frontline staff. Additionally, YCH received donation of approximately $150 thousand from The Sir Robert Ho Tung Charitable Fund for acquiring a set of portable ventilator for Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. Furthermore, with generous donation of around $1.16 million from Top World (GC) Ltd, a set of water purification system, two sets of automatics peritoneal dialysis unit and two sets of haemodialysis machine could be acquired for Department of Medicine; and, a number of training equipment could also be purchased for the Resuscitation Training Site.

心臟超聲波檢查儀器1 心臟超聲波檢查儀器2






New echocardiograph equipment with high-speed scanning and high imaging capability, enables more accurate diagnosis and more efficient healthcare services deliver to patients


Other service improvement

YCH had made significant progress towards the achievement in improving service quality and enhancing health care to patients during the year.


  • Hospital accreditation

YCH has accomplished its first ever Organization Wide Survey in early June 2016 after completion of Gap Analysis in November 2014, which have also marked that YCH completed its first accreditation. We are very pleased that the surveyors recognized our service performance has reached the threshold of "Marked Achievement" in all 47 criteria. Amongst them, four of them have been upgraded to the "Extensive Achievement" and they are: "Care Evaluation", "Management of complaints and feedback", "Information and Communication Technology", and "Promotion of Health and Well-being". The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) has conferred a 4-year accreditation to Yan Chai Hospital. In addition, surveyors also suggested 20 recommendations for the Hospital’s further improvement. The Quality & Safety Department will continue to work hand in hand with the relevant departments to follow up the recommendations and report the progress to ACHS on a regular basis.

醫院認證資格1 醫院認證資格2

The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) granted a 4-year accreditation to Yan Chai Hospital. YCH Board organized celebration activity on 3 October 2016 to appreciate the efforts of hospital staff


  • ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System

The Catering Department of the Hospital was awarded ISO22000:2005 Food Safety Management System Standard Certification in March 2016, which recognized that YCH has an effective food safety and quality management system in place

ISO 22000:2005

The Catering Department of the Hospital was awarded ISO22000:2005 Food Safety Management System Standard Certification


  • Setting up the Resuscitation Training Site

A Resuscitation Training Site was set up on 21 July 2016 to provide frontline staff with first aid and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training and skill in order to strengthen staff competencies to respond to emergencies, providing CPR rescue immediately or medical assistance at the scene.

設立急救訓練基地1 設立急救訓練基地2






A Resuscitation Training Site was set up for providing training to frontline staff

Care for Community Health

As a community hospital, not only do we deliver quality healthcare services to patients in the Hospital, but reach out to local residents of our community as well. Several health educational programmes had been launched by different clinical teams during the year, such as "Stroke Week" was launched by the Stroke Care Team of Department of Medicine; "Summer Progamme for Keep Fit. Eat Smart . Live Healthy" ; "Healthy Sleep Progamme" were rolled out by the Department of Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine. In addition, Health Resource Centre had also organized a series of therapeutic programmes for different patient support groups and seasonal activities such as "Love U all - Chinese Opera"; Health talk on "High Fibre and Health Intestine", Health talk on "Joint Pain". In coming years, more health community programmes will be organized to benefit as many people as we can reach.


"Stroke Week" was launched by the Stroke Care Team of Department of Medicine


粵曲聚會1 粵曲聚會2

"Love U all - Chinese Opera" was held by Health Resources Centr e and Love U All Charitable Foundation


















Health talks on "High Fibre and Health "Intestine"


關節不再痛健康講座1 關節不再痛健康講座2

Health talk on "Joint Pain"


荃城Keep Fit向健康體重出發

Summer Progamme for "Keep Fit‧Eat Smart‧Live Healthy"


荃心睡眠活動計劃社區教育活動1 荃心睡眠活動計劃社區教育活動2

"Healthy Sleep Progamme"

Recognition and Awards

Hospital staff has always been the backbone of our healthcare services. We take pride in and value the commitment and dedication of every member of the YCH who constantly delivering quality health care services to the public with passion and professionalism. This year, a total of 10 staff and 5 teams were selected as 2017 YCH Outstanding Staff and YCH Outstanding Team. The awards were given in recognition of the professionalism and dedication of colleagues and their continuous efforts to improve hospital services which made a great contribution to our frontline departments as well as the public.


In addition, YCH is committed to implement good environmental practices to minimize the adverse impact on the environment through energy conservation, pollution mitigation and consumption reduction. Last year, Hong Kong Environmental Campaign Committee granted the "Wastewi$e Certificate – Excellence Level" to YCH so as to recognize our contributions towards environmental protection andwaste reduction.


仁濟醫院傑出員工頒獎典禮暨醫院聖誕聯歡會1 仁濟醫院傑出員工頒獎典禮暨醫院聖誕聯歡會2

A presentation ceremony for the Hospital Outstanding Staff/Team Award cum Christmas Party was held on 19 December 2016. It is our honor having Hospital Governing Committee Members, Board Members, etc. joine d the ceremony to share the glorious moments with the awardees



Nurse sharing for International Nurse Day was held on 12 May 2016 with the support by Mr. YUE Pak-kee, Current Adviser



Photo taken at the start of the Yan Chai Charity Walk


董事局成員到各個病房傳送聖誕歡樂與愛心禮物包 董事局成員到各個病房傳送聖誕歡樂與愛心禮物包

Yan Chai Hospital Board Members walking from ward to ward to share fun and love with patients over Christmas


急症室1 急症室2

Prof. Sophia CHAN, JP, Acting Secretary for Food and Health, and Dr. LEUNG Pak-yin, Chief Executive of Hospital Authority, JP visited the Accident & Emergency Department of YCH on 31 January 2017 to understand the patient waiting time situation during the Chinese New Year holiday and showed support to frontline healthcare staff as well as thanked staff members for working over the long holidays to take care of patient in need


Redevelopment Project

To meet the increasing demands for healthcare services and cope with the future development of the hospital services, redevelopment project commenced in 2012. The works included demolition of 4 old hospital blocks, construction of a new block (named as new Block C) and provision of a landscape cum open carpark area.


The new Block C was completed in 2015 and hospital services including general out-patient and specialist out-patient services, family medicine specialist service, Paediatrics and Adolescent Ambulatory Centre, Dietetic service, Health Resource Centre, Integrated Diabetes Mellitus / Endocrinology and Renal Clinic, Geriatric Day Hospital etc. and the Tsuen Wan Maternal and Child Health Centre under the Department of Health had gradually commenced services in this new block. In parallel, medical services which are managed by the YCH Board such as Chinese Medicine Clinic and Dental Clinic were also relocated to this new block from the old Blocks E & F. In addition, Yan Chai Hospital Board is also located in this new building. As for the landscape cum open carpark area, it was put into service in February 2017.