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Yan Chai Hospital Li Chan Yuk Sim Elderly Home


Year of Establishment: 1991



With the grants from the Lotteries Fund through Hong Kong Social Welfare Department and the donation from the honorable Mr. Li Chi Keung, the Hostel for the Elderly was established in 1991 under the name of Li Chan Yuk Sim in remembrance of the mother of Mr. Li. As a start, our mission is to provide residential care service to meet the physical and social needs of the elders in maintaining their quality of life and well-being. Since March 2006, we have re-structured to Care and Attention Home providing continuum of care for 90 elders who suffer from poor health or physical/mild mental disabilities with deficiency in activities of daily living but are mentally suitable for communal living.



Target Service User:

Elders aged 65 or above (Those aged between 60-64 with proven needs may apply on the basis of health and/ or social factors ). Applicants will be assessed for admission according to the Standardized Care Need Assessment Mechanism of SWD and mentally suitable for communal living.



Share rooms are fully equipped with hot and cool ventilation, fan, television, call bell, closet, bed light, bedside drawer, wash room and bath room.  Other general facilities include living room, dining room, activity room, multipurpose room, therapeutic room, meeting room, laundry, kitchen and isolation room. WIFI is also available in the Home enabling residents to keep communicate and update with their families and the society at large.rge


Yan Chai Hospital Li Chan Yuk Sim Elderly Home

Tel. : 2646 3022
Fax : 2637 9935
Address : Unit 1-10, G/F., & Unit 101-124, 1/F., Pok Chi House, Pok Hong Estate, Shatin, N.T.
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