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Never say die, I won this battle

Mr. Wong is a father of two daughters, living a happy life with his family in the past, but the destiny always likes to tease and give people a test.




His left leg was suddenly paralyzed and then he was confirmed suffering from transverse myelitis. In the worst condition, he was in a coma and spent many months in intensive care. He was then tetraplegia and lost his job. He said, “I never say die. Under the care of my wife and injections of specific drug, I have recovered some movements gradually after a torture of 6 months. However, the rehabilitation fee was so much that I could not make the both ends meet.” All of these factors added to the distress over family financial situation. “We felt so helpless and frustrated.” Mr. Wong sighed. 


Despite these difficulties, he is a true fighter. “I train up myself every day, from this persistent faith I overcame the worst time of my life.” said Mr. Wong. The Yan Chai Emergency Assistance Relief Fund promptly pitched in and provided financial assistance to him. “I thank for the grateful assistance from Yan Chai. I found new hope again. Thanks also for I could get better and stand up again. Life is so dramatic.”