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Social Services

Elderly Service


Since 1982, we have been providing social services for the elderly in Hong Kong. With a number of residential care homes and centers for the elderly successively set up in the past 30 years. Currently, there are 27 elderly service units providing various kind of services for over 8,400 elderly people, including social, cultural and recreational activities, education, volunteer work, counseling and guidance, personal care, nursing care, rehabilitation and training, support to caregivers, resource centre, community education, outreaching, tailor-made home care and day care services with a view to support the frail elders living in community, etc.



Elderly Residential Care Service

Elderly Residential Service is one of the major pillars of the Yan Chai Hospital Social Service Department. Currently, there are 6 Continuum of Care Homes, 1 Nursing Home of the largest scale among others in Hong Kong, 2 Contract Homes and 1 Self-financing Home employing about 1,150 staff providing 24 hours comprehensive care and nursing services for 1,514 senior residents and. Besides the basic residential care, we also deliver different kinds of special programs to enhance the quality of life of our residents.



Elderly Community Care Service

Elderly Community Care Services is an essential elderly service of Yan Chai Hospital Social Service Department.  Currently, there are 18 elderly community care service units including: neighbourhood elderly centres, social centres for the elderly, day care centre for the elderly, 3A Club, home care and support services, dementia day care centre for the elderly, community care service voucher for the elderly, integrated community development centres, social enterprise for the elderly.  Around 9,000 elderly have been benefitted from these various services provided.


To cope with the government policy of “Aging in place”, in recent years, we proactively combine the services of “Community Care Service Voucher for the Elderly”, training for personnel providing personal and nursing care services and our social enterprise “Yan Chai Happy Home Living Limited” into an cost-effective integrated service model, which able to provide professional and quality community care services to the elderly.


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