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Yan Chai Hospital Dreamland Child Development Centre

Service 1

Year of Establishment: 2024



Special Child Care Centre: It provides whole day training and care for children from 2 to under 6 with moderate to severe disabilities to facilitate their growth and development, helping them prepare for primary education. It also provides Occasional Child Care Service and Extended Hours Service for disabled children from aged 2 to 6 years old. The service capacity is 32 for Special Child Care Centre, 3 for Occasional Child Care Service and 4 for Extended Hours Service.


Early Education and Training Centre: It is designed mainly for disabled children from birth to the age of two, providing them with early intervention programs with particular emphasis on the role of the disabled child's family. Disabled children aged two to six can also receive the service if they are not concurrently receiving other pre-school rehabilitation services, which will facilitate their integration into the mainstream education system. The service capacity is 100.


Services 2

Target Service User:

  • Special Child Care Centre: Children aged 2 to under 6 who have not yet started primary school and are either: moderately or severely mentally handicapped; moderately or severely physically handicapped; deaf or with severe to profound hearing impairment; blind or with severe visual impairment; or autistic.


    Early Education and Training Centre: Children with disabilities from birth to under the age of six who have not yet started primary school. Including preterm babies, children with developmental delays, sensory impairments, learning disabilities, language development delays, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, autism and other physical or emotional behavioral problems.



Toys Library, Training Room, Multi-sensory Room, Sensory Integration Room, Room for Speech Therapy, Room for Occupational Therapy, Room for Physiotherapy, Multimedia Training Room, Interactive Virtual Projection Training Room, Interview Room, Nursing Room, Disabled toilet, and Children Toilet.


Yan Chai Hospital Dreamland Child Development Centre

Tel. : 3468 4601
Fax : 2409 1968
Address : LG1/F, Ching Lung House, Ching Fu Court, 18 Tsing Yi Road, Tsing Yi , N.T.
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