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Charitable Fund

Yan Chai MY Rehabilitation Foundation


Inmates who are serving their prison sentences are not merely their life which is affected, but it affects the children who are dependent on them. Some children are traumatized by separation from their parents. Deprived of income and caring by parents, these children are vulnerable to poverty. Responding to their hardship, the Yan Chai MY Rehabilitation Foundation was established on 14 July 2011. It aims to provide financial aid to the underage children, with their parents are newly admitted inmates who are serving their sentence in Hong Kong.


Yan Chai MY Rehabilitation Foundation


The path of rehabilitation is never easy for persons in custody or their families, especially with its many changes and challenges. The Yan Chai MY Rehabilitation Foundation aims to help inmate’s children aged under 18 overcome their immediate financial difficulties, thus enabling them to concentrate on rehabilitation.


Eligibility Criteria

  1. The Yan Chai MY Rehabilitation Foundation considers applications from inmates within three months of their date of conviction to solve the urgent financial problems of their own children (Hong Kong residents) who are under 18 years old; and
  2. Successful applicants of the Yan Chai MY Rehabilitation Foundation are not eligible for re-apply for 12 months.


Scope of Assistance

The ambit of grant is to provide one-off living subsidy to the underage children of inmates to help resolve family financial problems arising from the main wage earner serving sentences in the Correctional Services Institutions of the Hong Kong Correctional Services.


Assistance Amount

Number of Children

Maximum Amount of Subsidy



2 or more



Application Period

Application accepted all year round


How to Apply

  1. Applicants may call the Yan Chai MY Rehabilitation Foundation at 8100 7711 for more information.
  2. Application Form download (Please install Acrobat Reader to read the Application Form)
  3. Application Forms are also available at the Yan Chai MY Rehabilitation Foundation / Rehabilitation Division of the Correctional Services Department.
  4. Each applicant is required to submit the completed application form together with all necessary documents by post or by hand to the Yan Chai MY Rehabilitation Foundation.


Contact Us

Tel 8100 7711
Fax 2412 0245
Address Yan Chai MY Rehabilitation Foundation, Yan Chai Hospital Board, 10/F Block C, Yan Chai Hospital, 7-11 Yan Chai Street, Tsuen Wan, New Territories