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網上慈善捐款 捐錢助人 為有需要人士提供援助|仁濟醫院









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To support Yan Chai charitable fund / fundraising campaign:

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How did you learn about Yan Chai’s donation methods?

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  • Tax-deductible receipts will be issued to donation of HK $ 100 or above (applicable to Hong Kong residents).
  • The personal information you provide to Yan Chai Hospital (“YCH”) in the form is mainly used for donation processing and receipt issuing by the staff of YCH and the bank at work. If you fail to provide sufficient information, YCH may not be able to complete the relevant donation process.

Personal Information Collection Statement:

Yan Chai Hospital (“YCH”) shall comply with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance in handling and keeping your personal data. YCH will not sell and/or provide your personal data to any third party. YCH intends to use your personal data for future correspondences, fund-raising appeals, conducting survey or promotional activities. YCH will not use your personal data for the above purposes unless you give your consent. You have the right to access, correct and request YCH to stop using your personal data for the above purposes at any time and at no charge by calling 187 2828 during office hours.

Please choose a way to donate:

octopusNotes for online donation by Octopus

You need to install the “Octopus” App before making online donation.

  1. If you choose to pay by Octopus card:

    • You need an Android mobile device equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) function or an iOS mobile device paired up with Octopus Mobile Reader.

    • You need an Octopus with 9 digit Octopus number (including eight digits plus one single digit inside the bracket).

  2. If you choose to pay by O! ePay:

    • You need to register an O! ePay account.