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Social Services

Yan Chai Hospital Madam Lo Lee Pui Ching Memorial Workshop


Year of Establishment: 1995



Madam Lo Lee Pui Ching Memorial Workshop was established in April 1995, the following year in June established Supported Employment Services. Through a specially designed training environment, the Center provides suitable vocational training for people who are unable to obtain employment in the open market due to disability so that they can develop social and economic potential as much as possible; and enhance their ability to work so that they can transfer to assisted employment or employment in open market. The unit is to provide the several types of work training including arts work, marketing retail, printing, packaging, cleaning, dish washing and so on. Supported Employment Service is intended for persons with disabilities to provide employment support so that they can help to extend trainees' potentials to work in the market of open employment.



Target Service User:

Persons with disabilities who are aged 15 and above and possess basic self-care and work ability



There are seven production lines, kitchen, group training room, interview room and activity room. Production lines are equipped with the necessary equipment such as shrink machines, packaging machines, sealing machines, washing machines, sewing machines for work skills training and production purposes. The workshop also provides rehabilitation bus services for needed members in within selected areas. 

Yan Chai Hospital Madam Lo Lee Pui Ching Memorial Workshop

Tel. : 2498 3391
Fax : 2416 3690
Address : Unit No. 1-3, 100-109, Shek Fong House & Units 23-26, Shek Ho House, Shek Wai Kok Estate, Tsuen Wan, N.T.
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