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Social Services

Yan Chai Hospital Sheung Wan Rehabilitation Services Centre

Living Room

Year of Establishment: 2004



It provides home living for persons with moderate mental handicap who are capable of basic self-care but lack adequate daily living skills to live independently in the community. It also provides diversified training and activities such as daily life, social skill and problem solving training to service users aiming at developing their strength and independence, and also enhancing quality of life through participation in hostel life. Besides, the centre provides support for persons with disabilities in employment and to allow them to work in an integrated open setting with necessary support service.



Target Service User:

Residential service -

Moderately mentally handicapped persons who are:

  • aged 15 or above;
  • physically healthy with no active infectious disease;
  • has basic self-care ability and physically and mentally suitable for group living; and
  • actively occupied in or being arranged for admission to day placement.

Supported Employment -

Mentally handicapped persons or ex-mentally ill persons who are aged 16 or above



Bedrooms, dining room, multi-training room, kitchen, and laundry.

Yan Chai Hospital Sheung Wan Rehabilitation Services Centre

Tel. : 3165 1338
Fax : 3165 1349
Address : 5/F -6/F., 28 Ko Shing Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
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