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Social Services - Special Projects

Jockey Club Yan Chai Community Hub


Year of Establishment: 2023



  1. Providing community hub services , an extended space for our service users for facilitating support and cohesion among residents and their families.
  2. Developing the social capital by increasing members’ empowerment, strengthening community support networks and promoting mutual help among residents and their families.
  3. Enhancing resilience through encouraging healthy behaviors, proactive participation and supports gained from clubhouse, such as providing children tutorial class services.
  4. Improving residents’ existing home safety/ environment, and ensure home safety through educational activities, home assessments and related interventions.



Target Service User:

For residents living in subdivided units in Tsuen Wan district or in undesirable living conditions.



Community kitchen, kitchen and bathroom rental, exercise space, exercise facilities, individual case follow-ups by professionals (social worker, occupational therapist, medical team by The Chinese University of Hong Kong).


Jockey Club Yan Chai Community Hub

Tel. : 5976 6970
Address : Shop 1,  G/F 423-427 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories
Email :