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Yan Chai Hospital Yim Tsui Yuk Shan Active Mind Centre

Active Mind Centre

Year of Establishment: 2010



We work with people with dementia and aim at providing holistic care and individualized training. We wish to enhance joyful, respectful and meaningful life through maintaining the independence of self-care and reducing the rate of deterioration.

We provide a comprehensive scope of services to service users and care givers including cognitive assessment, day care service, memory and cognitive training, rehabilitation exercise, family support, home environment assessment and etc.

In response to the phenomenon of stereotype and labeling of people with dementia, we organize public education programs and volunteer trainings. We wish to increase public awareness of dementia so as to promote community inclusion.



Target Service User:

People with mild to moderate cognitive impairment

Community Care Service Voucher certificate holders who are diagnosed with cognitive impairment 





Anti-wandering design to ensure safety, multi-media activity rooms, multi-sensory equipments, rehabilitation resources corner 

Yan Chai Hospital Yim Tsui Yuk Shan Active Mind Centre

Tel. : 2614 8967
Fax : 2498 1231
Address : Unit 1-3, G/F., Wing Hong House, Fuk Loi Estate, Tsuen Wan
Email :