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Social Services

Yan Chai Hospital Law’s Foundation Child Care Centre cum Hostel


Year of Establishment: 2000



Provide residential care for the disabled children with special needs, protect and promote their health and well-being, and take care of their growth and development in accordance with their physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs.


Target Service User:

  • Children with severe disability and who need continuous intensive training, as well as disabled children who are homeless, abandoned, or have a poor family but cannot find a home.
  • Check-in children should be:

     - Special children aged between two and six years of age

     - Cannot benefit from other rehabilitation preschool services

     - No need for regular medical / hospital care

     - Have special needs

     - Assessed as experiencing one or more of disability




Bedrooms, interview room, sensory room, multi-training room, disabled toilet, and children’s toilet.

Yan Chai Hospital Law's Foundation Child Care Centre cum Hostel

Tel. : 2615 1714
Fax : 2615 1495
Address : 1/F., Yan Chai Hospital Multi-Services Complex, 18 Yan Chai Street,Tsuen Wan, N.T.
Email :