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Social Services

Yan Chai Hospital Mr. & Mrs. Ho Tak Sum Supported Hostel


Year of Establishment: 2017



It provides group home living for people with disabilities and physically handicapped persons who can only live semi-independently with a fair amount of assistance from hostel staff in daily activities.


Living Room

Target Service User:

People with disabilities who are:

aged 15 or above;

capable of semi-independent living i.e. mastery of self-care skills but may need a fair amount of guidance/assistance in some domestic tasks like cooking or washing or in community living activities like shopping;

actively occupied in various forms of employment or day training;

physically and mentally suitable for group living; and

physically healthy with no active infectious disease or drug / alcoholic abuse.



Bedrooms, dining room, multi-training room, kitchen, and laundry room.

Yan Chai Hospital Mr. & Mrs. Ho Tak Sum Supported Hostel

Tel. : 2967 8033
Fax : 2967 8711
Address : 3/F., Ancillary Facilities Block, Cheung Lung Wai Estate,  Sheung Shui, N.T.
Email :