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Social Services

Yan Chai Hospital Mr. & Mrs. Yeung Wan Neighbourhood Elderly Centre

Yeung Wan

Year of Establishment: 1992



While adhering to the Government’s policy objective of promoting “Aging in place as the core”, we provide a wide range of community care & support services to senior citizens in order to enable their wellness in the community which is full of respect and dignity. Our ultimate aim is to promote positive ageing and to mobilize the public to create a caring community for the aged.  Different facilities for leisure purposes are found in our centre. In addition, we promote various group activities, health and educational programs, recreational activities, caregiver supportive services, volunteer services, dementia care supportive services, pre-retirement services, e-learning program, counseling and consultation and inactive vulnerable case services. 



Target Service User:

- Local residents aged 60 or above

- For those aged 55-59 are welcome to join YO Club (Pre-retirement services)



Drop-in services, WiFi, Newspaper reading, Smart technology facilities and Rehab aids loan services.

Yan Chai Hospital Mr. & Mrs. Yeung Wan Neighbourhood Elderly Centre 

Tel. : 2480 3483
Fax : 2424 2134
Address : Unit No. G1 & G3,  G/F., Shing Fung House, Kwai Shing East Estate, Kwai Chung, N.T.
Email :