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Yan Chai Tetraplegic Fund


The Board of the Yan Chai Hospital responded to the appeal of the former Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food, Professor YEOH Eng-kiong, GBS, OBE, JP to set up a fund in July 2004 to assist the tetraplegic patients. In 17th September the same year, the Yan Chai Tetraplegic Fund was formally established for the need for tetraplegic patients, to solve the financial difficulties in community life.


Yan Chai Tetraplegic Fund


The Yan Chai Tetraplegic Fund aims to provide assistance to relieve the financial difficulties of tetraplegic patients by supporting their living in the community and improving their quality of living.


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply for assistance, an applicant (tetraplegic patient) must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Hong Kong residents;
  2. Tetraplegic patients with spinal injury at or above level 5 of cervical spine or equivalent disability; and
  3. Applicant with tetraplegia resulting from cerebrovascular disease (stroke) must be a breadwinner within one year before illness. Eligible applicants cannot have had a stroke for over a year at the time of application; and
  4. Applicants and his/her family must pass both the income and asset tests; and
  5. Tetraplegic patients staying in any residential institution, such as hospital, residential home for people with disabilities, or boarding school will not become beneficiaries of the Fund. However, those tetraplegic patients who have potential to be discharged from the institutions and have concrete discharge plan to live at home are eligible to apply for the Fund; and
  6. Not a current recipient of the Yan Chai Caring Fund for Severely Disabled; and
  7. Non-CSSA recipients (Based on the principle of no double benefits, CSSA recipients will not be accepted unless duplication of subsidies can be avoided.)


Scope of Assistance

1. Medical / Rehabilitation Equipment
  • Grants for essential expenses on the purchase of medical/rehabilitation appliances based on medical recommendations and repair service for these items (e.g. powered wheelchair, electrically operated hospital bed, mobile hoist, shower chair, ventilator machine, suction machine etc.)
  • The Fund will only support the model which can meet the basic medical needs of the patients.
2. Subsidy for Hiring Carers
  Providing subsidy for eligible tetraplegic patients to hire carers to relieve and assist the family in providing personal care to tetraplegic patient.
3. Subsidy for Purchasing Medical Consumables
  Rending support to tetraplegic patients by relieving them of the burden of medical consumables (e.g. suctioning, feeding, continence control and dressing) and enable them to continue living in their familiar community.
4. Others
  Any special grants which the Yan Chai Tetraplegic Fund Committee considers appropriate in supporting the community living of tetraplegic patients.


Financial Tests

If the applicant is living with family members, the application has to be made on a household basis.

For income and total asset limits for application of assistance, please contact us.


Application Period

Application accepted all year round


How to Apply

  1. Applicants may call the Yan Chai Tetraplegic Fund at 8100 7711 for more information.
  2. Application Form download | Notes on Application (Please install Acrobat Reader to read the Application Form and Notes on Application.)
  3. Application Forms are also available at the Yan Chai Tetraplegic Fund. All application cases should be referred by the medical social worker. Each applicant is required to submit the completed application form together with all necessary documents by post or by hand to the Yan Chai Tetraplegic Fund.


Make a Donation

Every dollar counts. All donation to the Yan Chai Tetraplegic Fund will be used on relief work without a dollar used on the administrative expenses.


Contact Us

Tel 8100 7711
Fax 2412 0245
Address Yan Chai Tetraplegic Fund, Yan Chai Hospital Board, 10/F Block C, Yan Chai Hospital, 7-11 Yan Chai Street, Tsuen Wan, New Territories