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Social Services

Introduction to Yan Chai Volunteer Group


Established in 2014, the Yan Chai Volunteer Group (YCVG) assembles volunteers who have been serving in Yan Chai Service Unit for years. In its pursuit of “Serving the community in the Spirit of Benevolence”, YCVG participated in sectors including volunteer services, fundraising and volunteer award activities (such as Flag Day, Charity Walk, Charity Cookies and Volunteer Award Presentation Ceremony). With a vibrant heart of every volunteer, YCVG devoted itself to raising funds and social resources to benefit the people in need in the community.



Volunteer Service Policy

Volunteer service policy is a clear direction for service development. It facilitates our staff, individual & corporate volunteers, service users and the public to understand the rationale and the mission of driving volunteer services.




Vision: To become a volunteer team in pursuing “Serving the community in the Spirit of Benevolence”

Mission: To help people in need in the community society for a better future

Value: People-oriented, heart of serving the community, full of vitality


Sam ChauChief Commander of YCVG
Mr. CHAU Chung Tung, Sam, Board Chairman













YCVG Office                                                

Address: Unit A, 23 / F., King’s Tower, 111 King Lam Street, Lai Chi Kok

Tel: 3643 0282